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 Pokemon: Do You Play?

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Pokemon: Do You Play? Empty
PostSubject: Pokemon: Do You Play?   Pokemon: Do You Play? EmptyThu Mar 25, 2010 6:40 am

So...does anyone play Pokemon? I have:

-Pokemon Yellow (the one with the surfing Pikachu that follows you around in-game)
-Pokemon FireRed
-Pokemon GreenLeaf
-Pokemon Emerald
-Pokemon Sapphire
-Pokemon Pearl
-Pokemon Snap
-Pokemon Channel
-Pokemon Colosseum
-Pokemon Laughing Ass Off: Gale of Darkness
-Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (DS one)

I'm thinking of digging out my Pearl, since I never did bother to beat it.

I like leveling games and I like how you can name ALL of your Pokemon. I like being able to name things (I once named a Magikarp after a hated boss...boy was I disappointed to see what a Magikarp becomes once it evolves).

I don't know how the new Pokemon games are, as I'm broke and can't afford that stuff, but whatever I guess ;-) Maybe later.
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Pokemon: Do You Play?
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