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 Video (Very Huge Pictures Inside)

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PostSubject: Video (Very Huge Pictures Inside)   Thu Mar 18, 2010 7:13 pm

Someone with HDMI output to their computer got this picture. It's VERY nice.
Nice enough that I found a scar on the poor mans face that I thought was new, but now am not so sure.
It was this scar that got me looking around online for better ways to take pictures of what I have
and this was best I could manage:

Needless to say, my goal is to eventually be able to take pix like the top one Smile

Edit: 2 more, with different lighting conditions-

Edit 2: An old pet peeve of mine is this picture-

The original "must beat that quality" motivator. Took this picture today:

And this one is a VLC photo upscaled and smoothed to 1280x720:

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Video (Very Huge Pictures Inside)
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