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     PS3 bug on Sunday and Monday...who had it?

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    PostSubject: PS3 bug on Sunday and Monday...who had it?   Wed Mar 03, 2010 3:24 pm

    When I got home yesterday, this is what I saw when I turned mine (notice the date):

    In other words, I had the bug (which is how you tell...if your clock is a day behind and you didn't set it that way, it had the internal clock bug and you should get the eventual FW fix when it comes out). After I fixed that (whooo one button fix w/internetz option), I gave my PS3 a present in terms of a new wallpaper (had a DMC one):

    :-p Now it, too, can feel groovy and tell people to skedaddle ;-)

    Oh and while I'm posting pix, the only Blu Ray I own came with my PS3 when I got it in early 2008 and well, guess who's in the movie? Here's a big helping:

    Granted, the movie sucks, but heck even back then when I wasn't the hugest BC fan (I knew who he was), I was excited when he came on screen and I recognized him. He's the single redeeming quality of that movie, lol :-p
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    PS3 bug on Sunday and Monday...who had it?
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